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Aircraft and Wind Energy Epoxy Resins

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Airheart is the North American distributor of MGS Epoxy Resins.
High performance, versatile, user friendly resin systems for the light aircraft, marine, sport and wind industries.

Resins By Industry


Standard for light aircraft for over 30 years, MGS resins are approved by the German Aircraft Authority for the production of certified aircraft, ultralights and motor-gliders.

MGS 285 | Specifications
standard resin for motor gliders and light aircraft

MGS 418 | Specifications
resin for infusion and general construction

MGS 935 | Specifications
resin for high temperature resistance

Marine and Sport

Ideal resin systems for the production of watercraft, whether hand laid or infused, these build tough high performance boats for power, paddle and sail.

MGS 335 | Specifications
for wet layup

MGS 285 | Specifications
for infusion

MGS 935 | Specifications
for infusion and high temperature resistance

Wind Energy

The standard for construction and repair of wind turbine blades from 3 meter to 90 meter and above.

MGS 135 | Specifications
for infusion and repair.

MGS 235 for repair

BP20 for bonding

Resins By Process

Wet Layup / Vacuum Bag

Medium viscosity resins with a variety of hardeners to accomodate every sized project.

MGS 335 | Specifications
versatile performance with a variety of hardeners

MGS 285 | Specifications
lower viscosity system for wet bagging or infusion, higher Tg


Low viscosity resins with and available long gel time hardeners for infusion and RTM processes.

MGS 135 | Specifications
low viscosity and a variety of hardeners for large parts to repair

MGS 935 | Specifications
high performance and temperature resistance


Paste viscosity epoxies with good surface wetting for structural bonds. 

BP20 | Specifications
high performance bonding paste

Why MGS Epoxy Resins Work.

MGS epoxy resins are the ideal structural composite resins.

They have high cured stiffness and excellent bond to fibers. They  produce strong and rigid laminates with good heat and chemical resistance.

MGS epoxies should be mixed on ratio and thoroughly mixed and well cured for best performance.   

Heat cure is not necessary with some hardeners, but technical data sheets should be consulted before each use.

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